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The purpose of document authentication is to certify the validity of the signature on a legal document, the authority of the signature on the document and identify the stamp or seal on said document. We can help you with this and we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions you may have below.

Anyone traveling or moving to another country. Examples may be:

  • Individuals or families relocating due to a job
  • Corporations opening new branches or offices in other countries
  • Teachers who will be teaching ESL in foreign countries
  • Individuals who need to present US issued documents to Government Authorities in another country

The types of documents that need certification vary depending upon the Embassy requirements of the host country. Common examples of documents that require authentication/apostille include:

  • Birth, Marriage and Divorce Certificates
  • Background Checks
  • Educational Documents
  • Incorporation or Operational Documents for Corporations
  • Personal or Corporate legal documents

We handle document authentication services for countries worldwide, with an emphasis on the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,Libya), Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand), and South Korea.

Please visit our Countries page to confirm whether your documents will need an apostille or authentication.

A document may require an Apostille or Authentication certification depending on the country in which it needs to be submitted. Most countries in the world are divided into two categories. Countries which are signatories to the Hague Convention require the Apostille Seal. Countries which are not part of the Hague Convention require documents to follow the Authentication Process. Please visit our Apostille & Authentication Country Categories list to confirm which service you will need.

US Authentication Services handles the document authentication and apostille process from start to finish, saving you time traveling to state and federal government departments. We expedite the certification process.

The certifications are obtained by following the State and/or the Federal authentication process. The documents are submitted in person to the required Departments and Foreign Embassies (where applicable) which are located in Washington DC. For Embassies and authorities located outside of Washington DC, we mail documents to the relevant offices.

Our customers’ satisfaction comes first. We give our clients a step-by-step explanation of the process and we handle these steps for you. Various government agencies and embassies have their own requirements, and if something is not correctly done, there could be a delay or rejection with the documents — but with us taking care of the process, you don’t have to worry about that! Check out what our clients have to say about our document authentication services!

We do all of the legwork to find the requirements for getting your documents certified based on the information you provide us. Once you send us the required documents and supporting paperwork, we will initiate the process on your documents.

Yes, we value our clients’ confidentiality. Your information will always be handled in a safe and secure manner.

You will need to contact us and let us know the type of documents you have been asked to submit to the authorities in the destination country. Once you let us know the type of documents and country they need to be submitted in, we will provide you with the required paperwork, the approximate time to complete the process, and a quote. Visit our How To Order US Authentication Services page for a step-by-step breakdown of the process (this page also includes a link to the order form).

You will need to send us the documents you need authenticated/apostilled, any supporting documentation which may be needed, a prepaid return envelope and the payment in the form of a check, money order, international draft or mention your credit card information on our order form. Please see “Step 2” of the How To Order US Authentication Services page for these details, a link to the order form if needed, and our mailing address.

To send us a prepaid envelope, please visit FEDEX.COM, UPS.COM or USPS.COM to create a shipping label, print it and send along with the documents. If you are not in a position to create a shipping label please ask us for shipping services on your documents. We will provide you with a shipping rate to the intended destination.

No, as per regulations please do not send cash for payment purposes along with your documents. Payments can be made in the form of checks, money orders or by including your credit card number on our order form.

No, you can pay us the total amount quoted to you and we will pay the fees for the applicable agencies.

No, we will prepare the application form for the US State Department on your behalf.

Yes, you can send documents to us on behalf of someone else. You can fill in your name, address and sign the order form.

No, you can use one order form for multiple clients and documents. Please use an additional sheet of paper if you need more space.

The time to get documents processed differs based on the type of documents and the country the documents are to be used in (whether they require an apostille or authentication). The timelines quoted are estimates and there could be delays based on several factors which include: processing times at the Embassies and Government Departments, weather related closings, mail or shipping delays, etc.