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Eligibility for Graduate Faculty Status

  • All UWC Faculty members and non-UWC Faculty members in federated departments and joint graduate degree programs are automatically members of the UWC Graduate Faculty.
  • Instructional Staff (e.g., research professors, university lecturers, visiting professors, professors of practice, adjunct faculty) and Faculty may be appointed to the Graduate Faculty for renewable terms of five years. Appointment is made by the Dean on the recommendation of the Graduate Faculty members of a Department, academic unit, or interdisciplinary graduate program. Qualifications for appointment include a doctoral degree or accepted terminal degree in the relevant field and evidence of appropriate scholarly activity such as peer-reviewed journal publications, publication of scholarly books or book chapters, editorial activities, externally funded research grants, or the equivalent.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Graduate Faculty

  • All UWC Faculty members are eligible to serve as primary advisors for PhD dissertations and masters theses and as chairpersons of PhD dissertation committees.
  • Other Graduate Faculty members may have primary responsibility for delivery of graduate courses, serve on PhD dissertation and masters thesis committees, and serve as co-advisors of masters theses, but they are not eligible to serve as primary advisors or co-advisors for PhD dissertations, or as primary advisors for masters theses, or to chair doctoral dissertation committees, unless approved by the Graduate Faculty of the relevant Department, academic unit, or interdisciplinary graduate program.