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Even before or after enrolling in our degree programs, you can contact us through our customer support center, where one of our highly trained and professional staff members will promptly answer all your queries.

Education Verification Service

After getting your degree from University Of Western California, you can ask our staff to confirm your enrollment to your employers, if requested. Your employer can also login with your ID and password and check your enrollment in the University.

Academic Counseling

Programs We Offer

You can contact us for free academic counselling whenever you want. All you need to do is contact us. Following are the degree programs that we offer:

Choosing a Major

University Of Western California offers globally recognized programs covering a wide range of unique majors. You can always choose an academic major that best suits your field and interest.

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Eligibility Standards

University Of Western California has open admission policy which gives students and working adults an opportunity to receive an education of global standards. For admission to the University, you must meet the criteria specified in the minimum admission requirement.


Fee Structure

University Of Western California has made quality online education extremely easy and affordable. Our tuition fees have been designed making sure that the students & working adults, from all over the world, obtain a worthwhile accredited degree at an affordable fee. To view our fee structure, click here